Image Validator

Visual validation of product images in e-commerce :mag:

Automated visual validation tools, like the Image Validator, offer a convenient way to monitor your product images effortlessly, identify errors they may contain, and meet the conditions of shopping engines.

How to start :checkered_flag:

Image Validator is easy to use, without registration, and for free. Follow these steps and get results in 24 hours:

  • Open
  • Insert your feed URL address.
  • Choose the ad systems you want to run the validation for.
  • Insert the email address.

Ad systems supported by Image Validator :raised_hands:

You can validate your product images on a total of 33 shopping engines:

Try AI-powered features and graphic templates from Feed Image Editor :robot:

After receiving the results, you can try the top three AI-powered features of Feed Image Editor on your product images: background and watermark removal, upscaling, and the auto-crop function. We also offer hundreds of pre-made graphic templates.

:point_right: TIP

Weโ€™ve prepared :open_book: three articles to help you gain a better understanding:

We are enhancing the Image Validator with new features and expanding the supported channel on a regular basis. You can find all the information about updates right here on the forum.

We are open to any ideas and suggestions that come to mind while youโ€™re using it. If you need assistance, donโ€™t hesitate to contact us at