Edit sale prices from Mergado XML feed - Mergado Pack v2.4.1


anyone who has been using the new version of the Mergado Pack 2.4.1 modules for PrestaShop and WooCommerce since December has certainly noticed the new PRICE_DISCOUNT elements.

We wrote about the new version here [RELEASE] Mergado Pack 2.4 module for PrestaShop and here [RELEASE] Mergado Pack 2.4 for Woocommerce

However, for the correct prices in the output feed, it is necessary to create one product query and one rule in the Mergado app!
:warning: Please adjust your projects according to these instructions:

  1. On the Products page, create and save data query with this condition: PRICE_DISCOUNT_VAT is not empty.


  1. Then, on the Rules page, create a rule and override the values in the PRICE_VAT element with the values from the PRICE_DISCOUNT_VAT element. Finally, apply the rule to the previous data query with the ‘Apply rules’ button.


These two simple steps will ensure that the correct prices are transferred to the output feeds.

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