What is Allegro

Allegro, sometimes referred to as Allegro marketplace in online marketing, is a European e-commerce platform. The company is headquartered in Poland. It also has activities in the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Germany and other European countries.



History of Allegro

Allegro started in 1999 in :poland: Poland as a C2C sales platform. Similar to eBay, it allowed to mediate buying and selling between individual users. It gradually added more features, including the involvement of companies that could sell through their e-shops.

Allegro gained considerable popularity among users. It reached the position of the TOP e-commerce service in Poland with about 50% market share. Its role is therefore partly similar to that of the Amazon marketplace in Germany.

In the Czech Republic, Allegro owned the C2C e-commerce platform Aukro between 2011 and 2017. In addition, Naspers, which bought Allegro in 2008, owned well-known Czech companies such as the online store Mall, the products search engine Heureka, the online store creator Netdirect, and the payment gateway PayU. Naspers held this portfolio until approximately 2015. It then sold it off. In order for Allegro to buy the Mall marketplace in 2022.

Allegro marketplace

Allegro is no longer an environment where only consumers sell goods to each other. It offers an environment for online sales, the so-called “marketplace”. In addition to its home country Poland, it is also officially active in Germany and the Czech Republic. In practice, however, Czech online stores for now use it only for expansion abroad.

Connecting online stores to Allegro

You can enter offers into Allegro manually. But More practical is mass synchronization via MERGADO Editor and MERGADO Marketplaces. The MERGADO Marketplaces application ensures automated and long-term transfer of offers to Allegro.

What Allegro looks like

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