[RELEASE CANDIDATE] Try Mergado Pack v3 for WooCommerce

Mergado Pack plugin for WordPress WooCommerce
Version of plugin: 3.0.0
Release date: 09/08/2020
requires WooCommerce
Min. PHP: 7.1+

:point_right: For a detailed introduction to the new features, please see our article Welcome the new version of Mergado Pack. :point_left:

If you want to try the new version before the official release, download it from the WP repository under Advanced Options > Development Version. :woman_technologist:


News: :new:

  • New feature - fast redirection to creating a new export in Mergado Editor wizzard. :rocket:
    You donโ€™t have to waste time manually copying the feed URL from the plugin and pasting it into the Mergagdo wizzard. Just click the CREATE EXPORT IN MERGADO button and the plugin will automatically redirect you to create a new export in Mergado and pre-fills your feed URL.

  • Brand new plugin design. Weโ€™ve organized the administration so that all functions belonging to a specific feed are in one place.

  • New โ€œautomaticโ€ feed generation. The new manual feed generation process will recognize by itself how best to set the number of items generated in one step. The whole process is more stable and faster.

  • And a bunch of other small new features :wink:

:man_mechanic: We are constantly tunning Mergado Pack to user requirements. Test the new design and let us know how it works for you. To download the latest version of the plugin for WordPress with WooCommerce, simply follow this link under > Advanced Options > Development Version.

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