We introduce a new design of the Products page. Your feedback is welcome!

Dear friends,

we are introducing you the new design of the Products page. It’s a **facelift * and actually a complete override of the product listing component you manage in Mergado. The new component, compared to the old one, can, in addition to the traditional input and output values, show other new features, such as:

  • Simplified Product View.
  • Improved image display - and now we take into account alternative images.
  • We can graphically display the differences in values​​ for particular elements between their input and output.
  • New elements can be seen where they come from.
  • Long texts in element values ​​can be collapsed and expanded.
  • The display method can be set and the setting is saved for the user.

Since this is a major change that may not be right for everyone, we decided to publish the new design first on our “beta” domain https://new.mergado.com. In this way, we can get feedback from our loyal users, so that, based on - before they can be put into full operation -, the new page can be perfected.

So do not hesitate and write in this thread what you like, do not like, what you do not fully appreciate, or what you would like to improve. We will go through all the comments and talk about them - and we will try to take into account those that will be constructive and meaningful in reaching a new design. We read everything! :slight_smile:

Please note: There are real data on https://new.mergado.com - any changes you make here are “real” and affect what goes out of Mergado.