How to create an export in Mergado 2

How to create an export in Mergado 2

In July 2022, we made Mergado 2 available to all users. In case you want to try Mergado 2 or you have decided to switch to it completely, you have the option to create a project in the new version.

Starting a project is done via a checkbox in the wizard. If you don’t see it, log out and log back into Mergado.

:woman_technologist: How to convert export to Mergado 2

In SettingsFeed Management, you can find the option to convert the export to Mergado 2.

In the export settings, you can convert the project :one: directly to Mergado 2 or convert the export to :two: a new project. Mergado Apps will not be transferred to the duplicated export. You can find the option to revert to Mergado 1 in the same place.

:clipboard: Recommended practice:

Ideally, duplicate the project first (“Transfer to new project” button) and check it. If it is ok, delete it and remodel the original one.

:exclamation: Warning:

Remodeling also works in the Mergado 2 → Mergado 1 direction. To ensure a 100% return, you must not add any query or rule or make any manual changes before returning to Mergado 2 version. Warning: duplication does not copy applications!

If you have questions about setting up Mergado 2, please contact our support, or follow the forum category.

Thank you for continuing to help us improve Mergado.