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Here we will post news from the life of the Feed Image Editor app, which is used for bulk editing images from product feeds for better display in product ads, most often dynamic remarketing on Facebook.


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A new version of Feed Image Editor

Deployment date and time


Products section

We added new Products section where you find all important information about your products and product images. It’s never been easier to discover which products miss images or whether there are any other issues and errors.

A new version of Feed Image Editor

Deployment date and time


Find products with identical images

In CSV file and directly in the app as well, you now find a pre-prepared list for Mergado with all products with identical images.

All you have to do is to copy the list, and add the ID element from your feed (ITEM_ID, G:ID, etc.) to the line beginning. In CSV file, it is the line named “mergado_query”.

A new version of Feed Image Editor

Deployment date and time


Price in images, Settings section, new detection tools…

Information from feed to image

One of the most desired features from the very beginning was the possibility to display price directly in the image. Well, guess what? Now you are able to insert not just the price, but other elements as well. You may also choose whether you insert just the element or the element and text combined.


  • We added a whole new Settings section. You may choose between JPEG and PNG output extensions and in the case of JPEG, also set the compression ratio for faster image loading.
  • Output format management - you may now create and edit the format of output images.
  • Hide the products - easy way how to hide the products upon certain criteria (404 error, missing images, etc.).

Customized image sets
Load your personalized images directly in the app to be always disponible, so you don’t have to look for them in your computer anymore.

Detection of a replaced image on the same URL

In the case when you made any changes with your product image but the URL remains the same, some of the comparison shopping engines don’t reflect that and it may happen that your advertisement would keep running with the old image. This feature will help you to detect those changes.

Products with the identical image

In the products section, there is now a possibility to filter products with identical images and export the list into the CSV file.


Feed Image Editor now fully supports emojis. :wink:

A new version of Feed Image Editor

Deployment date and time


Image validation and new settings

Image validation in product feed

What to do when the image dimensions follow the required criteria but in reality, the product itself occupies only a small part of the whole canvas, and the rest is just the white background? How to find out? Now, with the new feature built inside Feed Image Editor which we call Image validation, you can examine whether:

  • canvas contains just small product picture in the middle of white background
  • image contains transparent background
  • product picture is not centered
  • and many more, check it out :wink:
    You find Image validation in Products.

Project settings

We extended Settings section where you may:

  • Set the image output extension to JPEG and set the compression ratio (smaller the image size, faster the loading).
  • Set the image output format.
  • Hide the products whose images were not found on the webpage (error 404, etc.).
  • Create your own image sets.

A new version of Feed Image Editor

Deployment date and time


Watermark detection

As the Google Shopping do not display any of your product images with watermark, this very new feature would be quite handy when preparing your next campaign. Just with a few clicks, you can check whether any of your images contain watermark and crop or remove it completely from your product feed.

You may find :paw_prints: Watermark detection in Products.

A new version of Feed Image Editor

Deployment date and time


Template activity

One of many new features you would appreciate is the possibility to set the activity of your templates, which is especially useful when starting a new campaign. All you have to do is just to set the starting and the ending day, and you are ready to go - no manual adjusting anymore, everything works automatically, so you can invest all that saved time for other activities in your marketing campaign.

You find this new feature in the right control panel in template settings.

At the same time, in the template list, there is a notification about the templates activity period, so you get everything under control.

Image quality checkup

Among thousands of images in your e-shop, keeping an eye on every single one of them could be quite tricky. With this new feature, you can check the quality of all your images and have even better control of your image marketing campaigns. With just a few clicks, you can examine which pictures are not focused, have low contrast, or whether they have any glitches. For this purpose, we created a powerful machine learning model that we trained over the huge picture dataset. Moreover, with the possibility of user validation, you can manually evaluate every picture according to your subjective opinion and in this way, provide new data to improve the model. We are thus extending the features for image validation and watermark detection with another powerful tool that is going to make your image audit ever easier. Currently, in the BETA version, we can’t wait for your feedback. Let us know how it works. :slight_smile:

You may find the image quality check under Products.

Other news

  • Export and import of templates.
  • Show and hide the shortcut window.
  • Drag & drop the stickers to template.
  • Show and hide the advanced filters in Products.
  • ITEM ID of product is now displayed in template draft.

…and many other tweaks and under the hood updates which make your experience even better :slight_smile:

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